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Broken Peanut Media, LLC specializes in creating digital content strategies for brands that focus on engagement. Services include Digital Marketing, YouTube Strategy, Video Production, and Paid Media/PPC. We have worked with several Fortune 500 brands across the Tech, Beauty, Entertainment, Non-Profit, and Service industries. 

So, what makes us different?  Simply stated, we are a mix of the best parts of a social media agency and video production company. Unlike our competition, we do not simply blast content out there to see what sticks. We create short narratives specific to your brand because we understand how to tell a story—more importantly—YOUR story.

Our mission is to create engaging content that achieves your marketing goals.

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Our Services

Video Production

With over 12 years of award-winning video production experience, we can create an engaging story that can solve your customer's problems. 

YouTube Management

Does your channel need help? We offer hourly consulting, action plans, optimization, management, and video services for brands and creators.  

Monthly Content Creation

Do you need consistent content to promote your business on social media? Our services streamlines the process of creating online video content across all platforms.

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