Live Streaming For Brands

You're The Expert / We're The Creatives

Every business can broadcast their message to potential customers using live video.

The Problem

Every small business owner knows they need monthly video content to grow their brand and to stay relevant today.

You know that video is the fastest-growing medium in marketing and has the best organic reach of all marketing tools.

Live streaming goes one step further and notifies everyone that is following you so they can watch and interact with you live in the moment. Resulting in more eyeballs and replays over time.  

The Solution:

We bring over two decades of film and television knowledge to produce a multi-camera live stream with you as the subject matter expert educating your customers, generating leads, and growing your audience all at the same time. 

Afterward, we create several promotional pieces that you can use to promote your show across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Live Stream

We live stream your video podcast to Facebook. This instantly notifies all your follows that you are live as well as ranks higher in the feed while you are streaming.  


We post your live stream to YouTube and IGTV fully optimized so it can be discovered organically and consumed after the live broadcast. 

Video with Captions

We pull to two to three meaningful moments from your live stream and create micro-video content with captions burned in to post to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Audio Podcast

We ripe the audio from your live stream and upload it to your podcasting host service to be syndicated on all major podcast networks. 

The 6-month contract required with all services. The customers will be billed automatically on the first of every month. 30-day cancelation.  

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