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Video Content Strategy

Any brand that wants to compete today must have consistent content to engage, influence and increase its customer base. Every business quarter the consumption of video and audio content grows and there seems to be no ceiling in sight. Media plans of the past may still keep a business afloat but to really thrive you are going to need to move past billboards and radio. You need a content strategy that reaches your audience where they live and where they shop. Our strategies will include:

  • High Caliber Video Production
  • Ad creation and Management
  • Multi Channel Platforms
  • Keyword and Trends Research
  • New Target Audiences and Remarketing
  • Monthly Reporting

Social Media Strategy and Management

Many marketers fail to realize that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, rivaled only by Google. This leads most company’s to use YouTube as a storage device or video server without considering how much customer traffic they are missing out on by not creating a strategy to reach their customers organically. We will put together a custom strategy that includes:

  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword / Trends Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Video Optimization
  • Programming Schedule
  • Industry Insights
  • Monthly Reporting