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Are you chasing trends or trying to copy other creators with no success?

Stop wasting time and get the answers you are looking for with a one-hour strategy session focused on your channels and goals.

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Our Consultation Process

What can you expect to accomplish in one hour with us?  To start with, our team will debunk the most commonly held beliefs regarding how YouTube works. With those misconceptions out of the way, we can dive into the five aspects that help all channels grow. 

  1. Your Why - (value proposition and target audience)
  2. Branding - (Channel Art, Thumbnails, Pitch)
  3. Storytelling - (show format, script, editing)
  4. Content Strategy - (diversifying your content)
  5. YouTube Optimization - (Title, Tags, Description, etc)

Why choose us? Broken Peanut Media has earned our YouTube certification in audience growth. We have developed content strategies for dozens of Fortune 500 brands in the tech, beauty, gaming, DIY, and non-profit space. We provide you with a fresh look from a true industry expert that has worked effectively with YouTubers just starting out up to 1.2MM subscribers.

I always start with Why? Why should I click on your thumbnail? Why should I keep watching your video?  Why should I subscribe to your channel? Why should I join your email list? Odds are if you don't know why the viewer doesn't know either. The vast majority of these questions answer themselves if you have a unique value proposition for a targeted audience.

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear from creators is that they think by talking about something broad they will appeal to more viewers and therefore gain more subscribers, views and earn more money. The truth is the more specific you are, the easier it is for YouTube to promote your content to the right audience and the viewer will start to develop a relational value to you subconsciously. Both of these elements are critical to growing subscribers, building a loyal community and turning subscribers into fanatics of your brand!

Goal: Establish who you are talking to and why they should care.

We evaluate your channel with a fresh set of eyes from industry experts starting with your channel page. It's important that a YouTube channel has its own visual brand (thumbnail style, color, font, title structure) that is appropriate for your target audience but also stands out among your competition on YouTube so you can drive more views from suggested video and the homepage. We look at:

  • Profile Picture, Channel Name, Channel Art
  • About page and social links
  • Featured Channels
  • Channel Trailer and Sections 

Goal: Make sure you have a consistent brand that drives more views on YouTube.

I audit your thumbnails, titles, and the hook of your videos to see if all three work together to deliver the value proposition of your channel within the first 20 seconds. If they don't I'm willing to bet your average view duration is not where it should be and this is affecting where you are showing up on YouTube's largest traffic sources. I take advantage of my film degree and 12 years of video production experience to see if you can tell a better story through your

  • Show Format (structure and script)
  • Acting (camera presence, body language, authenticity)
  • Cinematography (visuals, composition, lighting),
  • Editing (Pacing, shot selection, structure)
  • Audio (music and sound effects)

Goal: Tell the best story possible in every video that educates, entertains, or does both.

It's critical for every creator to diversify their content strategy to help avoid creative fatigue, audience turnover, and passing trends on the platform. We give suggestions on how you can expand your content to different verticals while still holding to your value proposition and speaking to your audience. Using YouTube own pyramid model of Help, Hub, and Hero content we identify what types of videos you should be creating for each layer. The content strategy can involve creating different show formats, video series and building content within several different pillars for your audience. 

*If you need a full content strategy we recommend hiring us for a channel audit to do an in-depth look at both your channels data and industry to create a content strategy.

Goal: Develop a content strategy that pulls news viewers to you, builds your audience, and promotes your brand.

The majority of the industry focuses on tags for optimization, leaning into whatever tool they prefer. I spend more time figuring out how we can optimize your channel based on your goals to:

  1. Increase the average view duration (AVD), views, and ultimately watch time.
  2. Grow your subscriber base
  3. Convert viewers to your mailing list or product.

No matter what your goal is YouTube gives you the features to do this through playlists, cards, end screens, and descriptions. We just have to make sure you have a clear goal and that all of these features are aligned from your content strategy, individual videos, call to actions and YouTube features.

Goal: Make sure your YouTube channel is meeting your business goals.

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Testimonials from Creators Just Like You

I just wanted to follow up to say that since we met in June and made some tweaks based on your consultation, we are now seeing our audience retention at 5:30+ and 50%+ consistently (versus 37% back then in June!). We also overhauled our thumbnails and we’re seeing people binge-watch our whole archive of videos because they are likely spotting them in the suggestions bar easier. Many of our videos are now getting retention of 60% – 65%


Family Vlogger,

Since our chat, I’ve started posting two videos a week consistently, and the results have been great so far! I see a lot more engagement with comments since I started asking my audience questions conversationally in my videos. My videos are now getting twice the amount of views averaging between 15,000 to 25,000 each. I even had a breakout video that got 40K views in the first few days.  I can attribute this to all the advice you gave me on titles and thumbnails during our call.


DIY / Vlogger,

I reached a stage with my YouTube channel where it was getting a bit stagnant. Views were getting lower and lower so I needed help digging deeper into my analytics so that I could give my channel a new lease on life! After my consultation with Joshua, not only had I learned how to utilize my analytics pages, but I had a clear and realistic goal for the future of my channel. Now my views are up and I’m looking forward to using all my new knowledge to make my channel the business I want it to be.

James Welsh

Beauty Channel,

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