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“YouTube is all about creating consistent content that brings value to a target audience.”

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You can no longer rely on keyword stuffing titles, tags, and descriptions on YouTube to increase your search results—those days are dead and gone.  Broken Peanut Media provides YouTube Channel Management which focuses on creating a channel strategy based on your goals first. After we define what success looks like we optimize the channel and content with these objectives in mind so that viewers will have a clear reason to watch and subscribe to your channel instead of your competitors’.

However, optimizing older content can only get you so far. With over 450 hours of content being uploaded to YouTube every minute and trends happening on a monthly basis, it’s critical for you to have a content strategy that pulls new viewers in, build loyalty with the ones you have, and grows your business.

You should be wary of anyone who tells you that there is an algorithmic hack, “magical keyword.” or you just need a viral video with millions of views to make money. 

YouTube is all about creating consistent content that brings value to a targeted audience. It takes time, money, strategy, and experimentation to get this right, but once you do, YouTube can become the most powerful marketing platform for your brand and will continue to deliver dynamic results for years to come.

Most companies who work with us have been using YouTube for several years, but they are at the point where they need to figure out how YouTube can turn into a viable platform for them. Since we are a company based data we do a deep dive into your analytics to figure out:

  1. Who has been watching your content
  2. How viewers found you
  3. What is working

Next, we do a competitive analysis to see if there are any insights your competition can give us. After that, we look at YouTube as a whole to analyze trends, search habits, influencers, and industry reports to create an action plan for optimization, content, and channel growth. 

Whether you are starting or a seasoned YouTuber, it amazes us how many channels are not correctly or securely set up. Key aspects include:

  1. Verifying your YouTube Channel
  2. Creating Profile Art and the About page
  3. Linking external accounts
  4. Auditing AdWords and users
  5. Establishing Upload Defaults
  6. and much more

You can purchase this service individually or we include it with every channel audit or management package we provide. Contact us for more details.

The majority of our competitor’s and YouTube experts ONLY think about metadata to increase search rankings through search engine optimization (SEO), just like web developers in the early 2000’s. These strategies worked great for a time on YouTube as well but today YouTube works more like a suggestion engine and less like a search engine. Our optimization strategy has four primary goals.  

  1. Define your value proposition and audience.
  2. Create a visual brand for your channel.
  3. Optimize content for your audience and not algorithms.
  4. Promote related content to viewers.

The results of this process will increase your average view duration which should increase your watch time, views, and subscribers as a by-product.

It’s critical for your brand to diversify your content strategy to introduce your brand to new viewers, engage with the audience you have and convert them to customers. Using YouTube own programming strategy we identify what types of videos you should be creating for each level of your content funnel. Our process includes:

  1. Defining three to five pillars of content for your brand.
  2. Developing a show format that works for you.
  3. Creating original content for YouTube.
  4. Establish a programming schedule for the channel.
  5. Reporting and refining content based on data.

We have spent over four years establishing this process and testing it with brands across several verticals.

You don’t need a Hollywood production to create content for YouTube. In fact, most viewers shy away from over produce content in search of authentic content from creators just like them. Depending on your needs you can shoot video right on your cell phone, go live with minimal equipment from your computer, or do product demonstrations from a small studio. Our team can help you establish:

  • Why original content will help your brand
  • Who will be on camera
  • What the format will be
  • When it will be released
  • How we will create it

Partnering with us will take all the anxiety and complexity out of the process so you can focus on growing your brand. 

Strategy, content, and optimization are all needed to be successful on YouTube, but none of it matters if you can’t see an ROI for your business.

Broken Peanut Media prides itself on using data to drive creative decisions. That is why we do a monthly report and meeting with all of our customers to show the overall progress we are making towards your goals, what isn’t working and more importantly how we are going to fix it.

We don’t use proprietary software to skew results or report on vanity metrics like impressions. We pull our data straight from YouTube, Google Analytics and tag manager to build a dashboard using Data Studio for all of our clients.

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