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“YouTube is all about creating consistent content that brings value to a targeted audience.”

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Channel Management Clients:

What is Channel Management?

We provide YouTube Channel Management which focuses on creating a channel strategy based on your goals first. After we define what success looks like we optimize the channel and content with these objectives in mind so that viewers will have a clear reason to watch and subscribe to your channel instead of your competitors’.  You should be wary of anyone who tells you that there is an algorithmic hack, “magical keyword” or you just need a viral video with millions of views to make money.

Whether you are starting or a seasoned YouTuber, it amazes us how many channels are not correctly or securely set up. Key aspects include:

  1. Verifying your YouTube Channel
  2. Creating Profile Art and the About page
  3. Linking social media account
  4. Auditing AdWords, Users, and Analytics
  5. Establishing Upload Defaults
  6. and much more

You can purchase this service individually or we include it with every channel audit or management package we provide. Contact us for more details.

A visual brand for a channel is critical for increasing search and discovery and building an audience. We build your visual brand from the ground up to make sure your channel art, thumbnails, branded intro, and scripts all work together to define your voice, style, and tone to help establish who you are in your space.

As part of this continuing process, we will always A/B test thumbnails to make sure we are getting the highest click-thru rates possible on your videos to increase viewership and subscriber growth.

Video SEO focus on search and discovery with a heavier emphasis being on the discovery part. Over 70% of your views should come from discovery from the home page and the suggested video interface. Our team optimizes for this over search which includes:

  1. Title / Thumbnail Optimization
  2. Tags
  3. Close Captions
  4. Descriptions
  5. Playlist Selection
  6. Card / End Screens

The results of this process will increase your average view duration which should increase your watch time, views, and subscribers as a by-product.

Most creators do not have a complete content strategy that is made up of Help, Hub, and Hero content like YouTube suggests. We evaluate all of the content that is on your channel and look at the data behind it to see what is really working for your channel. 

Based on this we establish a content strategy that will pull new viewers towards you, build loyalty with the subscribers you have, and grow your channel so you can make a living off of it. 

This often involves creating 3 to 5 pillars of content and developing a show format that entertains viewers so they become loyal subscribers. 

Strategy, content, and optimization are all needed to be successful on YouTube, but none of it matters if we can’t see an ROI for your business.

Broken Peanut Media prides itself on using data to drive creative decisions. That is why we do a monthly report and meeting with all of our customers to show

  1. Overall progress towards your goals
  2. Channel and video performance
  3. Insight into your channel
  4. Industry trends, news, analysis

We don’t use proprietary software to skew results or report on vanity metrics like impressions. We pull our data straight from YouTube, Google Analytics and tag manager to build a dashboard using Data Studio for all of our clients.

Who Needs Channel Management?

Channel management and strategy is for any creator or brand that has a growing channel and needs a partner that can:

  1. Grow your channel faster
  2. Save you time so you can focus on creating
  3. Evaluate data and make recommendations
  4. Create a business plan for your channel
  5. Increase your revenue

Why Channel Management?

With over 450 hours of content being uploaded to YouTube every minute, new trends happening on a monthly basis, and on-going algorithm changes it’s critical for you to have a partner that can help you build an organic content strategy that pulls new viewers in, builds loyalty with the ones you have, and grows your business.

YouTube is all about creating consistent content that brings value to a targeted audience. It takes time, money, strategy, and experimentation to get this right, but once you do, YouTube can become the most powerful marketing platform for your brand and will continue to deliver dynamic results for years to come.

*Prices vary depending on channels needs. A 6-month minimum contract is required. The subscriber count is for reference only.

Channel Management Results


Increase in Watch Time

New Subscribers


Increase in Organic Views


Increase in website traffic

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